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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 3, 1915


Portland — Although rumors have been rife for weeks that a new football conference on the Pacific coast would be organized as a result of the difference of opinion of Northwestern colleges on the question of eligibility of freshmen to play on varsity football teams, the formation of the Pacific coast intercollegiate conference in the small hours of this morning, caused a sensation.

The new conference is composed of the universities of Washington, Oregon, California and Oregon Agricultural College. The status of the Pacific northwest intercollegiate conference, however, remains undisturbed, at least for the season of 1916.

The formation of the Pacific coast conference was the result of the universities of Idaho, Whitman and Washington State College defeating an amendment in the Northwest conference annual meeting yesterday providing for the barring of freshmen from varsity football teams.

The closing session of the Northwest conference was held today and further developments are expected before adjournment.


"Onions is onions this year, as well as pigs is pigs," said A.W. Schaffner of Chicago, during a visit between trains in Medford yesterday.

"I have enough information about your Rogue River Valley country to know that it is a fine onion region. Why don't you raise more of them? If you had a few hundred thousand tons of onions this year, what a harvest and $20 gold pieces you would enjoy! It is a big crop and profit, when properly handled in the right kind of soil and climate. You have both of these advantages here. If your farmers already know that, are their backs too stiff to cultivate onions? From year-to-year they will beat your apples and pears and peaches all hollow."