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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 4, 1915, continued

Editor's note: There is no Dec. 5, 1915, paper.


In an alleged interview with George E. Sanders, published in yesterday's Evening Telegram of Portland, Mr. Sanders is represented as having said that the 5,000 acres have been subscribed for the beet sugar factory and that the first work on the factory would begin in February. Although the interview quotes Mr. Sanders as saying that the location of the mill has not yet been selected, the article leaves the impression that Mr. Sanders intimated that the factory would be established in Grants Pass.

This purported interview was shown to Secretary Alex Nibley of Oregon-Utah Sugar Company this afternoon, concerning which he said:

"The story is a reporter's dream, I am sure. Mr. Sanders, who is vice president of the Oregon-Utah Sugar Company, knows that the 5,000 acres have not yet been subscribed. He knows also that the location for the plant has not yet been selected. Therefore, I am certain that Mr. Sanders would make no such statements as attributed to him in the Telegram.

"The Telegram reporter says that Mr. Sanders has just returned from a trip to Salt Lake City. That is not true, either. Mr. Sanders has not been in Salt Lake City for a month. It also quotes Mr. Sanders as saying that last year a sugar beet weighing 19 pounds was produced in this valley and gave 25 per cent of sugar content. We have never found sugar beets at any time, raised anywhere, that gave 25 per cent of sugar. Mr. Sanders knows that, also. Hence, I am sure the whole story is a fiction. There is no basis for it. Therefore, Mr. Sanders is not the kind of man to give it."

The Mail Tribune is informed that the committees, both at Medford and Grants Pass, are doing their utmost to close the campaign at the earliest possible moment. Then, and not till then, will the location of the sugar factory be determined.