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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 9, 1915


SALEM — After having served 10 years in state prison for the murder of William Dunlap, an aged miner of Grants Pass, A.E. Dodson, who was sentenced to hang for the crime, was pardoned by Gov. Withycombe. Dodson was sentenced to hang August 11, 1905, but a movement to have his sentence commuted to life imprisonment was successful.

The murder was a cold-blooded affair. Dunlap had entertained Dodson and believed him to be his friend. He was shot down without warning. Following his crime, Dodson rushed from the cabin, but later returned to loot the place.


The average American family consumes over $100 worth of meat annually. How much of that do the farmers produce at home? Why should they sell pork on the hoof, at 5 cents a pound, and buy it back in the form of bacon at 25 cents a pound? A 100-pound hog on foot is worth $10 at that price. With its meat properly cured, it is worth $50 less the shrinkage. And the shrinkage isn't a fiftieth part as much as is that of the farmers purse who sells his hogs on foot. Include the chickens and beef in the same list. Canned meats and Chicago hams are as precious as molybdenum. Probably that's why the farmers like them.

Local apiaries should see that their beehives are abundantly insulated for the winter. Dearth of insulation produces a disease known to beekeepers as dysentery. This disorder destroys the bees. Good food should also be provided for the colonies. There are not many colonies in this valley, but those we have produce an excellent quality of honey.