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Mail Tribune 100

Editor's note: There is no Dec. 12, 1915, paper.

Dec. 11, 1915


A sample of the accuracy of Grants Pass news is shown by the following dispatch in the Portland Oregonian of December 10:

Grants Pass, Or., Dec. 9.—(Special.)—It is almost a certainty that the Rogue river valley will get a sugar factory. More than 3600 acres of acceptable beet land has been signed up and the local beet committee is still at work, the slogan being "get the acreage first, the location later."

Of the 3600 acres already signed up, the Grants Pass district has more than 2700 acres. Aside from this the Rogue River, Merlin, Leland, Glendale and Wolf Creek sections, all of which are directly tributary to Grants Pass, add over 200 acres; leaving approximately 650 acres to the credit of Gold Hill, Central Point and Medford combined.

On December 9 the Oregon-Utah Sugar Co. published a list of accepted signed-up sugar beet acreage in both Grants Pass and Medford papers, showing 3653 acres in approved contracts, of which 1926 lay between Rogue River and Glendale, the Grants Pass district, and 1727 between Gold Hill and Ashland, the Medford district.

In addition, the Medford beet committee submitted contracts enough to bring the total up to 3200 acres of approved land for this section, contingent upon the factory being located between Gold Ray and Ashland, which were rejected because the company required unconditional contracts.

There is no question but that the available acreage is in sight to justify a sugar factory in this end of the valley, and perhaps anywhere in the valley.


The Serious Ten were entertained last Saturday afternoon by Miss Doris Layne at her home on West Twelfth street. The afternoon was spent with fancy work and taffy pulling, after which the hostess, assisted by her mother, served a two-course luncheon. The Christmas color scheme of red and green was carried throughout the luncheon. Those present were: Misses Myrl Davis, Lorena Stratton, Margaret English, Vivian Stewart, Delia Whisenant, Myrtle Purkeypile and Edna Marquis.