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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 13, 1915


The company now operating the Sunnyside coal mine, six miles east of Medford, reports that quality of the output is improving rapidly, as depth into the mountain is increased. It is now in about 400 feet, at which lateral depth the vein runs from 12 to 18 feet in thickness. This fact has prompted the to increase the depth as rapidly as possible.

Since August last, the placed output of the mine has been sufficient to defray the operating expenses, including those of delivery to customers as well. These sales of the coal are made in Medford exclusively, no effort having been made to enlarge the field of delivery.

Manager Bullis of the Southern Oregon Traction company has expressed a willingness to extend his electric line to the mine just as soon as sufficient tonnage shall have been provided to justify the project.

So far all deliveries have been made by team at a cost of $2.25 a ton. The coal sells at $8 a ton. Properly handled, it is believed that the coal can be disposed of at $5 a ton or less. There appears to be an unlimited quantity of coal in sight, with an increasing extent of vein as depth is attained.

An effort is being made at this time to increase the output, supply the tonnage required by the electric line, enlarge the field for marketing the product and advertise the enterprise as a business looking for recognition and support.


So far this month 1.37 inches of rain has fallen in this valley. During this fiscal year the precipitation has been 12.88, against an average of 26.12. The deficiency therefore is 13.24 inches. Farmers should note this fact with great care. The fact that the surface of the field is wet occasionally doesn't indicate that sufficient rain is falling to make farm work profitable.