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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 15, 1915


Rev. Harry E. Tucker officiated at the wedding at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the residence of M.L. Nelson, 729 West Second street, of Ernest I. Hollingsworth and Miss Myrtle Pearl Dox. The ceremony was performed in the presence of immediate friends. The happy couple, who will make Medford their home, have the sincere wishes of many friends for a long life of wedded bliss and good fortune.

The rapid increase in the volume of parcel post business at the Medford post office has necessitated the use of a wagon for delivery to and from the Southern Pacific depot. The company has engaged Geo. O. Timothy to handle the mail with his truck. The fact that the streets are level and paved between the post office and the depot has enabled the S. P. to handle the increasing bulk of mail in recent months without much trouble; but the enlarged volume of parcel post mail packages finally made it necessary to improve the facilities for handling it.

Luther Burbank, the wizard of the vegetable world, is getting in bad in Oregon by declaring that the Oregon loganberry is not a loganberry at all. The only difference between the Oregon loganberry and the loganberry that Burbank created is that the Oregon berry is better than any other berry of the same family that ever grew in Burbank's garden or anywhere else. It is so superior to the ordinary loganberry, in fact, that it dignified the latter by taking the name. That's why our loganberry juice is the best in the world. Didn't William Jennings Bryan say so? And who is a better judge than he?

During the approaching holiday season, boxes, excelsior, tissue paper and other very combustible stuff will be piled in little heaps and big heaps all over the city. Christmas trees will be covered with combustibles and surrounded by romping excitement and little care except for the joy of the moment. Even the fire companies warn the stores, churches and bazaars to beware of the fiend on these joyous occasions. A little care in advance at home, in church and in the bazaars will probably save loss by fire — loss that sometimes includes human life.