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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 18, 1915


Jackson County is a cluster of peaceful communities, maintaining religiously, an attitude of neutrality in all this warlike fuss and its attendant horrors. Therefore, it occasioned more than a mild degree of surprise when a communication was received from the National Arms company offering war prices for all the .30-30 cartridges we could spare, and added that it could use all of our seven-millimeter cartridges; .30-40 cartridges and .303 cartridges.

Rogue River valley is a magnificent agricultural and fruit district, famed also for its dairies and livestock, its mines and mineral waters. The proper use of all of these things is conducive to peace. But we have never undertaken to produce any of these munitions of war, believing that they are not indigenous to the soil of a law-abiding and peace-loving community.

Not being in league with the manufacturers of war and war weapons, we will have to pass up this opportunity to share in their profits, which already have run into the billions. Time will prove that we are fortunate.


The date of the alumni annual Christmas ball has been announced for Monday, December 27. This affair, which is being looked forward to as the supreme social event of the year, will be staged in the large hall of the Natatorium. Plans are being made by the decorating committee for an elaborate scheme of decoration which will transform the large hall into a huge bower of Christmas greens.

The music will be furnished by an augmented orchestra under the direction of Clyde Hazelrigg, assuring the latest in popular dance music for the occasion. All the committees are striving to make this event the crowning event of a successful social season and no details will be overlooked in an endeavor to attain this end. The invitation list, which is now in the hands of the invitation committee, comprises all alumni, high school and college students, the faculty and a limited number of outsiders.