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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 22, 1915


The city council met in regular session last night, a quorum being present.

It voted to increase City Attorney McCabe's salary from $50 to $75 a month on account of litigation to collect delinquent assessments.

It appointed Attorney E. A. Reames as assistant counsel with the city attorney for the paving suits soon to be instituted as test cases. Attorney Reames will receive $425 for such ballot.

It voted to place on the ballot in next month's election a charity amendment to raise money with which to build an addition to the city hall.

The mayor decided the tie vote on the question of holding a special meeting of the council to hear Attorney John G. Pierce outline his plan to settle the paving controversy in the matter of installment payments by denying Mr. Pierce the hearing.

The polling places for January's election are 310 East Main street for the first ward, 209 West Main street for the second ward, and the council chamber for the third ward.


Ashland, Dec. 22—At the city election here yesterday, C. W. Banta was the choice for councilman in the First ward, having received 103 votes to 73 for W. H. McNair and 53 for G. W. McNabb.

In the second ward, G. W. Root for councilman won over C. Cunningham, the figures being 182 to 39. Cunningham virtually retired from the field on the eve of the election. A number of defective ballots were cast in this ward.

In the third ward A. C. Nininger was elected to council for the two-year term, and A. L. Lamb for the one-year term. This was the ward with a multiplicity of candidates, inasmuch as J. B. Ware, J. H. Doran and W. J. Carpenter also appeared on the ticket.

For park commissioner, five-year term, Mrs. Marie Vaupel was elected without opposition, as was also J. P. Dodge, springs commissioner for the three-year term. 

The vote was light, apathy marking the balloting for springs commissioner especially.