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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 24, 1915


Medford's first municipal Christmas tree is nearly ready to yield its burden of good cheer to the multitude of boys and girls who will enjoy this innovation in the dispensation of Santa Claus' bounty for the first time in this valley. It is already a thing of beauty and is being rapidly completed with a touch of artistic finish.

Mayor Emerick will press the button promptly at 7 o'clock this evening and the instantly ensuing blaze of glory will notify the little folks that Santa is at their service. Anticipating that a multitude with anxious expectancy will claim early attention, C. E. Gates and H. A. Latta have been deputized to assist Santa Claus in his happy task of distributing the gifts. Judge E. E. Kelly is both agile and generous, but the task is too large for one Santa Claus.

Rev. Harry E. Tucker of the Christian church will dedicate the tree, followed by singing "Hark, Hark, the Herald Angels Sing," in which the school children will be led by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Andrews and other of Medford's noted vocalists. 

The children will form in two columns, each of which will be led by a cornetist. The marching song will be "Holy Night, Silent Night," followed by "Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow," sung by the multitude.

Rev. Rollins of the First M. E. church will pronounce the benediction.

The children will then march to the library steps, where each one will be given a candy stick and an orange. 

Library park will be brilliantly lighted and will present a scene of yuletide good cheer that will long be remembered by the little ones for whose enjoyment this municipal Christmas tree was especially designed.


Mrs. A. L. Wright and Samuel Bateman won the big stick of candy on display in the show window of the Sugar Bowl candy store, having made the same guess — 24 pounds, two and a half ounces. The "cane" weighed 24 pounds, two ounces.