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OLCC list shows where pot is banned

I’ve been watching in amusement at the wailing and gnashing of teeth as cities and counties across Oregon come to grips with marijuana legalization. Medford has pivoted on the issue so many times that it is a little difficult to keep track of where it stands. Do you know of any way to find out how different cities and counties stand on the issue?

— Mark K., Talent

It has been a wild time for many cities and counties as they create laws to either accommodate or keep out marijuana-related businesses.

We can point you to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission website that will give you a fairly current list of the municipalities that have prohibited marijuana in some form or other. Medford, for instance, allows medical marijuana dispensaries but doesn’t allow sales of recreational marijuana. Altogether, 83 cities and counties in the state have taken steps to prohibit business related to recreational marijuana.

The website is: http://www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Documents/Cities_Counties_RMJOptOut.pdf 

If you’re looking at the list, bear in mind that the information could be different or may change depending on what new actions a local city or county takes. Also, remember the list only relates to recreational marijuana, which is overseen by the OLCC.

Medford and Eagle Point are the only two cities in Jackson County on the list.

Eagle Point has banned all types of marijuana-related businesses and has placed the issue on the November 2016 ballot.

Medford allows certain recreational marijuana business related to production, processing and wholesaling, but has banned retail sales. Medford has indicated it will ask voters in November 2016 whether they want to allow retail sales of recreational marijuana along with a 3-percent tax.

Anyway, we hope the list keeps you amused, Mark, and the discussion over recreational marijuana is far from over.

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