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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 31, 1915


Everyone speeds the departing of the year 1915.

It has been a year of unparalleled slaughter and destruction in Europe and on the oceans, a year of sorrow and bereavement for the rest of the world.

The year 1915 witnessed a recrudescence of barbarism and horror unmatched since Attila the Hun ravished Europe, scenes of violence and carnage unequaled in the annals of history. The enlightened development of a thousand years has been ruthlessly sacrificed in an hour. To the widespread destruction on land has been added the horror of the wholesale slaughter of innocents on the high seas.

There is little about the year 1915 to inspire hope for the future of humanity. Civilized man, stripped of his veneer, is revealed in brutal hideousness that even the brute never attained. The relapse has been complete. Man has again been a yahoo.

Yet it may prove the Pentecost of humanity.

Nineteen hundred and fifteen has been a year of hard times and the pessimism that hard times breeds in the Pacific northwest—particularly in the Rogue River valley, where to the general stagnation has been added the effects of drouth. By comparison with the rest of the world, our troubles, however, are microscopic.

We really have nothing to complain of. If we had been awake to our opportunities and utilized the rivers that flow on every side, drouth could not cripple production. If we utilized our natural soil, mineral and timber resources by development, there would be abundant material prosperity.

Nineteen hundred and fifteen has taught us a lesson. It has seen the beginning of development. More real progress has been made along enduring lines than any year in the valley's history. If we permit 1916 to be a year of stagnation, with national prosperity revived, we have only ourselves to blame. 

With abundant natural resources, with beautiful environments, with a climate nearly ideal, with capital awaiting co-operation for investment, 1916 should be a banner year in permanent development.

Let us throw off the lethargy of 1915 and awaken to the realization of our opportunities.