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Mail Tribune 100

Editor's note: There is no Jan. 9, 1916, paper.

Jan. 8, 1916


Referring to the article on loganberries in this paper on Friday, Manager Hoke of the Rogue River Valley Canning Co. states that he had orders in advance for more loganberry juice last year than he could obtain berries to produce. He has promise this year of a much larger supply of the berries. A good many vineyards planted last spring will come into bearing this year, and from them he expects a good supply, if the vineyardists will take care of the irrigation of their berry gardens.

Manager Hoke also stated that, in a conversation with Mr. Reed, a prominent member of the Rogue River Orchard Co., which has expended over $300,000 on its orchards and vineyards in the northern end of the valley, including its irrigation systems, the latter said that on his visit to California berry producers, where he investigated carefully all of the methods and their products, California producers admitted that they could not produce as fine a loganberry as the Oregon product. The California berry is less juicy and less in its delicacy of flavor.

The estimate of 400 crates to the acre of loganberries is said by growers to be very modest; that an acre of loganberries in this vicinity, under irrigation carefully applied, has produced more than 800 crates. The exact figures on this particular vineyard are ascertainable and will be obtained and given later.

Altogether, it is believed that the loganberry has a splendid future in this valley. They will evidently be a conspicuous figure in the system of diversified farming that will surely follow the introduction of general irrigation here. Without the latter, successful diversified farming is impossible.


Perhaps the most notable feature of the evening was the excellent lunch prepared by Mrs. Emil Andren, and a long string of Swedish folk-games, the last link not appearing until about 2 o'clock the next morning. A short but interesting program was rendered, consisting mostly of musical pieces, and recitations by the children.