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Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 13, 1916


Ashland is planning a big celebration for the Fourth of July, and it is Medford's opportunity to co-operate and help make it a success. It is Ashland's turn among the valley cities to celebrate, and the enterprising citizens of the gateway city have taken time by the forelock and already started preparations, which would augur a celebration well worth while.

There are many ways in which Medford can co-operate. There can be Medford sections in the parade, in the decorated auto section, floats in the home industry section and in the merchant's section. In other ways Medford can be in evidence, as can all other valley towns.

Let the occasion be one for the fullest co-operation between cities of the valley, cementing the friendly ties that bind the sister cities. All of the valley is proud of Ashland and its enterprise, and surely no city was ever better located with more natural advantages to entertain the multitude than the "Carlsbad of America."

Let everyone in the valley plan to participate in the celebration and drink Ashland's famous lithia water on the Fourth of July.


A few Chinese pheasants have become quite tame in this district since the snow began to fall and cover the ground for two or three days at a time. Near Phoenix they have begun to feed in the morning with the barnyard chickens. A few of those who know their value as "wild game" and the sport of gunning for them in season have undertaken to feed them whenever they have appeared. The snow, however, has not yet been deep enough or remained on the ground long enough to embarrass their quest for feed very much in this valley. It served to drive them from the foothills, however.

Mrs. H. Ellen Childs, a recent arrival in the Willow Springs district, is visiting with old time friends in Medford two or three days. Mrs. Childs came from Olympia, Washington, recently to make her home with relatives in this valley.