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Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 14, 1916


The first carload of Chevrolet cars will arrive in Medford about January 18. The Chevrolet is the most talked of car in the United States today, as it is the first real automobile to sell for so low a price as $650 f.o.b. Medford.

Owing to the great demand for the Chevrolet most of the factory's output has been sold in the east and middle west. Now that they have four factories running, they will be able to supply the demand. More than two hundred thousand cars will be turned for the season of 1916.

The Chevrolet Motor Co. has absorbed the General Motors Co. and increased their stock to $80,000,000. The Chevrolet is the only small car manufactured with valves overhead, with unlimited power and the greatest hill climber of all four-cylinder cars. In fact, it is very doubtful if any car of any make will out climb the Chevrolet over mountain roads.

The Chevrolet is an easy car to handle, with speed as high as fifty-five miles per hour. An assembling plant is being erected at Oakland, Cal. Charles F. Young and Seely Hall are distributors for Jackson county, with temporary headquarters at the Crater Lake Motor company's garage, where demonstrations are given daily.

A sub-agency also will be established at Ashland.


Ashland Elks who have inspected the new temple of the order at Klamath Falls pronounce it in keeping with the traditions of the craft that "the best is none too good." The structure and lot will cost $40,000, and completely furnished, probably $10,000 more. It is of two stories, besides commodious basement, in which are two bowling alleys and athlete gym. The heating plant is patterned after that of the Ashland high school, inasmuch as the crude oil will be used for fuel.

The Eleven o' Clock club will give the second dance in its half-dozen series at Moose hall, Friday evening, December 14. Inasmuch as this is leap year, the ladies have charge of all arrangements. Upon the gents will devolve the matter of policing the banquet hall and kitchen annex to prevent repetition of the acts of vandalism committed by hoodlums at the club's initial party some time ago.