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Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 15, 1916


Many prospective investors and homeseekers have visited the valley during the past year. Most of them are practical business men, successful farmers or prosperous stockmen seeking new location with more favorable climatic conditions. Few are speculators. This is the very class the valley needs.

Little property has changed hands, few of the homeseekers have become residents. This is due to several reasons. First, because this is only one of several localities in view, all of which are being viewed, studied and compared; second, because of misrepresentation and inflation and knocking, not confined to any one region, but to all; third, lack of irrigation locally.

These practical homeseekers know their business. They cannot be deceived. They size up a country's output from the railroad figures. They know from the yield the value of the land. They analyze the soil to determine its productiveness. Their observations extend over several years. They accumulate literature of all kinds, from the department of agriculture to the newspaper. Where there has not been a single request from Medford for a New Year's edition of the Mail Tribune this year, there have hundreds of inquiries from other sections — all from prospective homeseekers.

The country is an open book to the intelligent investigator. Its record speaks for itself. Those who oppose irrigation are opposing their own best interests, retarding the development of the country and depreciating their own property, for without it many will come and few remain.


Installation of officers was held by Medford Homestead, No. 232, Brotherhood of American Yeoman, in the Moose hall, Thursday evening. Mrs. Yetta Hines, chief overseer, of Portland, Ore., acted as installing officer, assisted by Archer P. W. Chelgren, acting as chief yeoman. The following officers were elected to office: H. Gunther, foreman; Geo. Freese, master of ceremonies; Anna Wolff, correspondent; Maggie Evans, master of accounts; Lena Gunther, chaplain; Fred Wolff, overseer; Nellie Turpin, Rowena; Lady Rebecca, Dora Frees; Marion Center, watchman; J. Wolff, sentinel. A banquet was served after installation by the members in honor of their installing officer, Mrs. Yetta Hines.