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Mail Tribune 100

Editor's note: There is no Jan. 16, 1916, paper.

Jan. 15, 1916


The committee having in hand the matter of determining by interviewing the business men of the city for prize money or merchandise, for the proposed poultry show, to enable those who will manage the show to give premiums for exhibits of poultry and to defray others expenses incident thereto, report very gratifying encouragement. They will report to the meeting of the association this afternoon that the show is feasible; in fact, that the leading business men and merchants offer very substantial encouragement. They all realize the necessity of stimulating interest in an industry of such great importance in one of the most ideal poultry regions on the coast. 

Many people are not able to read at a glance the weather flag, as displayed in this city. This morning, for instance, it showed blue and white, which meant snow or occasional showers of rain. When it shows all blue, it should be read rain or snow, depending on the temperature. The all-white flag means fair weather. When the pennant is used above the weather flag, it means increasing temperature; when below, it means that the temperature is going down.


Mrs. Wm. Sooysmith and Mrs. W. L. Holloway were joint hostesses at a dinner and bridge party given at the Hotel Medford Monday evening for the pleasure of Mrs. and Mrs. Walter Bowne and Mrs. Conrad, Mrs. Bowne's sister. The guests included Mrs. and Mrs. Walter Bowne, Mrs. Conrad, Mrs. Arnold Scudder, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Ruhl, A. Conro Flero, Alfred Carpenter, Gerald Sooysmith and E. F. Guthrie.

Mrs. Bert Anderson entertained Le Sanedi club this afternoon with a 1 o'clock luncheon at her home on East Main street. The guests present were as follows: Mrs. Edward Sontter, Mrs. O. C. Boggs, Mrs. W. M. Van Seoyoe, Mrs. H. G. Stoeckman, Mrs. F. R. Roberts, Mrs. C. C. Van Seoyoe, Mrs. T. C. Wicks, Mrs. C. M. Kidd, Mrs. George Collins, Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Orr, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Hance and Mrs. Bert Thierolf.