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Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 24, 1916


"Medford schools the best in the state," is a slogan that may be adopted by Medford if the remarkable progress of the past five months in the local school system is maintained during the balance of the year. Through the untiring and able efforts of Superintendent Hillis the schools have been brought to the forefront in every department, and the time has now come for citizens to boost.

The plans for the future not only contemplate new departments, but an appreciable decrease in the cost of maintenance. By redistricting the schools a savings of six teachers will be accomplished and a much-needed junior high school department added.

In the Lincoln school the depleted condition of the third and fourth grades make it advisable in the interest of economy and efficiency to consolidate these grades with the Washington and Roosevelt third and fourth grades, dispensing with the services of a teacher and giving opportunity for the much-needed ungraded or "opportunity" room.

While this action may inconvenience a few of the patrons, it is distinctly for the benefit of the whole system, and those patrons who have the best interest of the schools at heart will find no fault with the change.

Let there be no impediment dictated by personal or selfish ends to the onward march of the schools; let the watchword be progress and boost, towards greater efficiency and economy.


  • The picturesque mountain section of the Pacific highway south of Ashland is to receive eastern publicity through the forwarding by the Oregon highway department of elaborate scenic views to Andrew Vogt, a member of the New York stock exchange, who toured this locality last summer and who has given assurances that easterners through the medium of these pictures shall be made acquainted with the scenic beauties of southern Oregon in particular.
  • An alarm of fire was turned in during Saturday night's gala from the Hoskin residence on Granite street. The house was a shack moved to its new location from lots purchased in order to enlarge the park area. The loss was well nigh total, the fire department saving only the frame, a mere shell.