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Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 27, 1916


Professor Charles G. Anthony, the leading authority in this country on mineral waters, the development of their sources and their uses, has consented to address the public and members of the Medford Commercial club on this subject and those related to it in a business way at the public library Friday night at 7:30. The club members and citizens generally are being variously notified of this lecture, inasmuch as the time is short, to enable them to enjoy the address on a subject of much local interest.

Professor Anthony will address the Ashland Commercial club tonight on a similar subject. His engagement to address the Medford club tomorrow evening precedes his departure for Saratoga Springs, N. Y., by a day. His visit to this valley concerns especially the development of the mineral waters property of the Pompadour Mineral Springs company of this city, Grants Pass and Ashland.


County Pathologist Cate has taken a number of remarkably interesting and instructive pictures of the apple scab spores, showing them from the point of inception to their growth to maturity, which he will exhibit by stereopticon at a meeting of fruit men and county horticultural and agricultural agents at the public library Saturday afternoon, the meeting to open at 2 o'clock.

This will be an interesting presentation of the scab proposition, revealing its secrets of formation and growth and their effects on the fruit trees in which it operates so destructively. A knowledge of these habits will aid the fruit men very extensively in combating its progress.

A large attendance is desired and doubtless will be present to see these stereopticon illustrations of the methods of attack by their worst enemy at present in this valley. Talks will be made by those who have information on several subjects of immediate interest to the fruit growers of the valley.


Richard Sanders, a local painter and decorator, is out again, after having taken his turn at the sneezing epidemic.