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Mail Tribune 100

Editor's note: There is no Jan. 30, 1916, paper.

Jan. 29, 1916


The Lincoln Parent-Teacher Circle held its regular meeting Friday afternoon at 3:30 at the Lincoln school. The meeting was one of the most enthusiastic and delightful that the Lincoln school has ever held.

Miss Ferguson gave a very pleasing and instructive talk on the ungraded work in the public schools, which was most favorably received. She gave a meager outline of her plans for carrying on this work in the Medford schools and asked for the hearty cooperation of all the patrons of the community, without which she would be unable to make the work the great success she is striving for.

A Lincoln tea was planned for February 12, the proceeds of which will be given to aid the basketball team of the Lincoln school.

The regular business was followed by an open discussion on the subject, "Your Child's Companion," led by Mrs. Moody, who by a system of questions drew out the members into some very interesting talks. After the discussion the officers of the circle served tea and everyone enjoyed a very pleasant half hour in honor of the secretary, Mrs. Moody, who is soon to leave for Los Angeles. Miss Jacks twice responded to the wishes of the company for a reading, first giving "Mama," and as an encore, "The Husband of a Corpse." Mrs. Moody in a little talk expressed her kindly feeling for the parents and teachers of the Lincoln school with whom she has been associated since the organization of the circle, and in behalf of the members Mrs. Billings thanked Mrs. Moody for the help and inspiration she had been to them and expressed her deep regrets to have her leave.

The next regular meeting, which will be held the fourth Friday of February, will be in charge of Mrs. Billings, the subject will be "Traits of Childhood."

The pupils of Miss Jacks and Mr. Watts' Sunday school class of the Presbyterian church enjoyed a social evening Friday, the boys entertaining the girls with a theater party, followed by refreshments served by the girls in the chapel of the church.