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Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 31, 1916


The Roseburg team will be foemen-worthy of Medford's steel and Coach Klum has a formidable task ahead of him if he succeeds in beating them on Thursday evening.

On Saturday evening they met the freshman on the Corvallis floor and administered a decisive defeat to the university babies, beating them 21-13.

Earlier in the week they met the fast Riddle team that has been going great guns in the Southern Oregon league, and whipped them 64-10. This team was considered to be a contender for the championship, but when they met Roseburg, appeared to be novices. This game was played at Riddle.

In looking over the schedule of the Roseburg team one is impressed by the fact that over 80 percent of their games have been played on foreign floors and that they are essentially a road team.

They were barely beaten by Salem. The score should have been a tie, but for a fluke basket.

In considering the home team's chances, no allowance can be given the fact that the game is on the home floor, for Roseburg has played a majority of its games on other floors. Nor can the size of our floor help us, as Roseburg's floor is also large.

The game is going to be a fight from start to finish. Medford has a 50-50 break. This fact is in our favor. We will be fighting for the chance of a championship, which will lead aid to the home team's playing, while Roseburg has only the hope of a tie for the runners-up. This and Coach Klum may turn the scales to our side.


An enterprising young lady of this city has had the courage to say that marriage, not excepting those engagements that come as a result of the advantage enjoyed by the girls during leap year, is a rather precarious business. She says: "One marriage in every 12 ends in divorce. There were 100,000 divorce decrees in this country last year. More than a million divorces have been granted in this country during the past twenty years. These are official statistics. So, you see, we girls are in no hurry about this business."