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Mail Tribune 100

March 8, 1916


From the annual report of Laurin E. Hinman, city electrical inspector, the fact is gleaned that the total cost of building operations within the city of Medford during 1915 was $146,415. Three new business buildings were erected at a cost of $115,500. Nine new residences were built at a total cost of $18,300. In addition to these items of improvement, the Barnum hotel building and the Elks' temple were completed, adding $60,000 to the above totals. The cost of buildings erected and additions made to others during the past year exceeds that of the year 1914 by $80,845.

"During the month of November, 1915," says the report, "a new street lighting contract was entered into by the city and the California-Oregon Power company whereby the present lighting system will be discontinued and replaced by the more modern series Mazda system, using type "C" nitrogen lamps of 200 and 400 candle-power, the city to make all replacements and renewals of burned-out lamps. Beginning with December 1, 1915, this department assumed the task of making the renewals and replacements on the cluster lighting system and upon the completion of the series Mazda system, will attend to replacements and renewals thereon."

During the year Inspector Hinman made 2,401 electrical inspections, superintended the installation of $14,079 worth of electrical wiring, issued 613 permits, made 20 trips over the gravity pipeline telephone system, making repairs and inspecting the system, giving a total of 196 hours to that work. During the year master electricians' licenses were issued to T. K. Flynn, manager of the Medford Electric company; B. W. Paul, manager of Paul's Electric store, and O. C. Henlein of the Electric Construction company.

Altogether, Inspector Hinman had a a busy year.


Last Sunday night the union Sunday School of the Belleview district gave a most enjoyable song service, in which a large and appreciative audience witnessed the proficiency which the organization has attained along musical and literary lines. J. B. Hunter is the efficient superintendent of this flourishing school.