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Mail Tribune 100

March 9, 1916


At the Oriental tea to be given at the Holland hotel Tuesday, March 14, from 2:30 until 5:30, the following program will be rendered:

Duet, "Sweetly the Moonlight Beaming" (Campana), Mrs. George Andrews and Miss Florence Hazelrigg; "Moon Song" from "The Mikado," Mrs. Guy Childers; "The Japanese Doll," "The Japanese Maiden" (Jessie Gaynor), Miss Florence Hazelrigg; piano forte solo by Mrs. Irene Hampton Isaacs; song, "Cherie" (Leo Edwards), Miss Bess Bryan; "Yo San" (Amy Woodford Finden), Mrs. Kitty Lunge; waltz in C sharp minor (Chopin), Miss Bruce Warner; waltz in E flat (Durand), Miss Juanita Furry; song, "Heure Exquise," Mrs. John Wilkinson; "A Japanese Love Song" (Clayton Thomas), Mrs. Vanscoyoe.

The beautiful objects of art so generously offered assures a collection that will delight all lovers of the beautiful. This includes rare pieces of porcelain, Japanese prints, Chinese prints, three Japanese wood cuts by an old master, an engraving on wood, representing the celebrated sacred bridge of Japan, over which no one but the emperor has ever passed. An exquisite panel of Chinese embroidery done in the lovely Chinese blue and gold, depicting flowers and butterflies on a satin ground; a valuable Chinese rug in the exquisite Chinese blues; beautiful pieces of porcelain which, because of their value and break-ability, the committee hesitates to accept, and many other lovely things.

Because the proceeds are to be spent in beautifying the city and making it a more healthful and attractive place to live, the various clubs and individual citizens of the city and valley are lending to the movement splendid support. Fair maids from the land of flowers will serve your tea and rice cakes. Grand ladies resplendent in the costumes of Cathay will pour. Beauty will smile a welcome and all will be merry as a marriage bell. Everyone is cordially invited to come and help make this a joyous event.