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Mail Tribune 100

March 10, 1916


Eight boys of the Washington school, under the supervision of Roy B. Peebles, have planted 2100 feet of early peas on the lots on West Main street, owned by Dr. Hargrave and W. S. McGowan. The boys interested in this work are Lyman Sprague, Matthew Wolff, James Bell, Franklin Brandon, Oris Daily, Robert Caster, Howard Faneher and Ralph Brandon.

The ground is exceptionally good and with some attention should give a splendid yield.

In order to encourage this work the firm of Marsh & Bennett has offered seeds at wholesale price. The city council has granted free water for the vegetable garden, also for a border of flowers fifteen feet wide on the opposite side of the street, on the Brandenburg property. The city also contributed the plowing equipment.

G. E. Marshall has generously offered to loan 200 feet of water pipe, greatly reducing the amount of hose required.

A. S. Bliton superintended the plowing and helped in many other ways to get the work started, while Roy B. Peebles has gallantly stood by until at last the peas are planted.

Mesdames Bliton, Graham-Pottinger, Perry and Stoddard planted three rows of Shasta daisies, which were contributed by Mrs. Earl C. Gauths and Mrs. William Atken.

All who have pansies, sweet Williams, snapdragons, foxglove, larkspur, petunias or other perennials which they could contribute, will greatly assist in this work if they will report some to Mrs. A. S. Bliton or Mrs. T. E. Pottinger. Seeds of the following are also needed: Shirley poppy, zinneas, cornflowers, snapdragons, asters and petunias.

Mrs. T. E. Pottinger will have charge of this work for the civic department of the Greater Medford club, and the people living in that immediate neighborhood, as well as many other public-spirited citizens, promise their heartiest cooperation.

Will Warner rendered materials aid by the loan at various times of his seeding machine. P. H. Daily furnished the boys, and all the passers-by smiled—that also helped.