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Mail Tribune 100

March 13, 1916


"Mutt and Jeff in College," presents Bud Fisher's inimitable characters in a radically different atmosphere, surrounded by new types in a new environment.

The first act takes place upon the campus of "Statford college." Mutt and Jeff are introduced as a couple of expert football players, whom the students have persuaded to pursue an elementary course in college, being the only way in which their services could be secured for the football team. Of course "Mutt and Jeff" are hazed as are all freshmen, with side-splitting results.

"Mutt and Jeff" are initiated into the secrets of the fraternity of Eta Bita Phi with screamingly funny results.

The football contest with Trinity college results in a complete victory won by our heroes, Mutt and Jeff, by clever strategy.

The second part represents the graduation exercises in the grand ball room of the Astor hotel, built to represent a stage upon a stage.

There are girls a plenty with an accompaniment of catchy, whistleable music lending an enchantment to the entire entertainment. You will therefore realize that "Mutt and Jeff in College" is different.


  • Peter Welthley, a resident of this valley twenty years ago, writes to an acquaintance here that he will close out his business in Clinton, Ill., and come back to the land of sunshine and big red clover. Mr. Welthley has lived in four states since he left this valley, but confesses that he has never been wholly satisfied with conditions in any of them. "Business in the middle west is rapidly becoming better," writes Mr. W., "but its climate is a medley of drougths and flood and violent storms. One can't depend on it. I am tired of trying to adapt myself to it. Fact is, I am afraid of it," concludes the writer.
  • Andrew Epperson, of Amity, Ore., is looking over Southern Oregon this week for a stock ranch. He returned from the Klamath country yesterday.