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Mail Tribune 100

March 22, 1916


Steps toward a reduction in the salary of Medford school teachers in both the high school and grammar departments were taken at a special meeting of the school board Tuesday night, when the recommendations of Superintendent V. Meldo Hillis were sustained, calling for the adoption next year of the following salary schedule with a maximum and minimum salary, according to service, etc. The schedule calls for a maximum salary of $80 in the grammar grades, and a minimum of $65; and a maximum of $100, and a minimum of $85 in the high school. The policy does not become fully effective until next year, the point contended by Supt. Hillis.

The board accepted the recommendation upon the contention that its immediate adoption, while beneficial to the taxpayers would cause an upheaval in the school system. All new teachers employed are affected by the schedule. There will be fifteen vacancies to be filled this year. It virtually gives the teachers a year's notice of the change. The schedule will be modified in some cases.

It developed during the meeting that Medford was paying higher salaries than Eugene or Albany through the failure of previous boards, years ago to adopt a salary schedule and adhering to it. Supt. Hillis favored the schedule but opposed a sudden and drastic change. There was quite an argument over the schedule, but the meeting ended peaceful.

It is highly probable that Otto Klum, coach of high school athletic teams, will go to California, where it is said he has been offered a position at $1400 a year. He offered to stay for $1300. He is now receiving $1100, and received $800 at Ashland. Dr. Seely said he was willing to concede a raise to Klum, because of his value as a coach, but other members of the board shied at the proposition and no action was taken.

All members of the board were present. The work of preparing the contracts will begin today, and the selection of teachers for the 1916-17 term with it.