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Mail Tribune 100

March 25, 1916


Professor J. Perey Wells, county school superintendent, has sent the following appeal to "the farmer boys" of Jackson County who are and who should be interested in the corn clubs and their work:

"At the Oregon State Fair in 1913, Francis Winn of Wellen, in this county, won first prize in the boys' corn contest. In 1914 Claus Charley of Brownsboro won the same honors for Jackson County. In 1915 Leland Charley, a younger brother of Claus, won the first prize for Jackson County for the third successive year, while Claus won first prize in the agricultural contest, using corn for his crop.

"Who will uphold the honors in Jackson County for 1916? Many boys are intending to try. Are you one of them?

"Last year there were an even one hundred boys enrolled in the corn club for this county. Through the generosity of the Farmers & Fruitgrowers bank of Medford, we were able to furnish free seed from the prize-winning field of Claus Charley to more than 60 of these boys. This year the same bank has kindly duplicated its offer of last year and we again are able to offer well-selected seed corn (Yellow Dent, Minn. No. 13) in limited quantities. If you wish to go into this contest in real earnest and have no good seed, send to the county school superintendent. We cannot furnish seed for more than one-eighth of an acre to any boy."


Officers of the Medford Elks will go to Ashland this evening to conduct the initiatory work for a large class of Elks candidates in that city tonight. Officers of the Ashland lodge of Elks conducted the initiatory work for the Medford lodge in a recent meeting in this city.

Automobiles have been engaged to convey 100 or more Elks from this city to Ashland this evening. It is desired to attend in force at the neighbor lodge's session, and special request is made for as many to go as can make it possible to get away in time. Many of the cars will leave about 7:30 this evening.