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Mail Tribune 100

March 25, 1916

Editor's note: There was no March 26, 1916, paper.


The suite of rooms in the Sparta building, recently fitted up by Geo. Andrews and Mrs. E.E. Gore as a music studio, are now being occupied by them and their associates. A large class in voice is enrolled under the instruction of Mr. Andrews, and a similarly large class is receiving instruction in the piano under Mrs. Gore. Pupils in both departments are already registered from Central Point, Eagle Point, Phoenix, Talent and Jacksonville. Mrs. George Andrews is accompanist in the vocal department and also presides over the reception room. Carlton James is associated with the studios in violin instruction and conducts classes on the afternoons of Monday and Thursday each week.

It is well known that the cosmopolitan population of the Rogue River valley is rich in artistic and musical talent, and the opening of the above-named studios provides an excellent opportunity for the best instruction in the departments of voice, piano and violin, and should lead to the discovery and development of latent musical ability throughout the valley.


A most enjoyable time was had Wednesday afternoon, March 22, at the parlors of the First M.E. church of this city, when about 50 of the ladies of the Aid Society of this church met in their regular monthly homecoming. This was one of the most interesting meetings held by this society for some time. At the close of the regular business session, presided over by Mrs. Minear, president of the society, a most excellent play was given by five young ladies, students of Mrs. Lynette Hovious, and from one of her classes in expression. The title was "The Suffragette Baby." The young ladies taking part were: Misses Mildred Heine, Hazel Wiley, Helen Reddy, Ruth Powell and Wilma Harrison, and the presentation was most heartily enjoyed by everyone present. Each young lady rendered her part in a most creditable manner. Dainty refreshments were served by the Priscilla Circle. Among the matters of importance transacted was that of arranging for a "parcel post" social.