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Mail Tribune 100

March 28, 1916


Double Triangle bill of merit at the Page.

Bessie Barriscale stars in "The Golden Claw," a play of business and society, which opened at the Page yesterday and is repeated tonight for the last time.

Trudy Shattuck as the mother of the herione; Miss Barriscale appears as the woman of society who lives away beyond her means. Miss Shattuck meets her and tells her of annoyances on account of straitened circumstances. She induces the girl to believe that money is the most important thing in the world, and that she must marry a man of wealth. Miss Barriscale meets Frank Mills, who plays the part of a wealthy young man. Mills refuses to believe that Miss Barriscale is simply seeking a partner of wealth. She marries Mills. Then comes the loss of his wealth, through the failure of a mine.


  • Messrs. Stanley G. Jewett and R. Bruce Horsfall, of the biological department of the state game and fish commission, have headquarters in Gold Hill while collecting data and specimens of various birds and animal life of this vicinity. Their report is to supplement that from other parts of the state. Mr. Jewett is a field naturalist and Mr. Horsfall an artist, the colored pictures of Oregon birds appearing in the Oregon Sportsman being his work.
  • Miss Ethel Frick arrived Thursday for a visit of several days with the Berg family. She was en route to her home in Medford, having been visiting in the northern part of the state.
  • At a public mass meeting held last Monday evening, the following people's ticket was nominated for the coming city election of April 3: Mayor, J.B.R. Morelock; recorder, J.B. Palmer; treasurer, Lynn W. Smith; councilman-at-large (two years) Silas Fleming; councilman-at-large First ward (two years) W.R. Walker; councilman-at-large, First ward (one year) A.E. Graham; councilman-at-large Second ward (two years) A.J.T. Smith.