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Mail Tribune 100

March 31, 1916


The committee which is making an effort to secure better motion pictures for the young people of Medford wish to again call the attention of the parents to the fact that we need their co-operation in this movement by their attendance and that of the children. Unless the interest justifies the efforts, these Saturday morning matinees will be discontinued. While the programs are not as yet just what the committee would like them to be, we are confident that in time we can, as other cities have, secure the best in drama, comedy and along educational lines for these matinees. Both the Page management and the committee are desirous of giving the best and they will put forth every effort to secure such films. This third matinee will have a great deal to do with the decision of the Page management in continuing them. The program will be interesting to all. Saturday morning at 10:15 the following program will be given; comedy, "The Other Kid's Sister"; two-reel drama, "The Bond of Love"; educational, "Physical Training in the French Army" and "Sicily in Storm and Calm." 


  • The Boys' and Girls' Industrial club had an industrial meet Tuesday and eighteen pupils decided to take up project work and carry it out. It was also talked of having Mr. Campbell of Ashland come out and give a very interesting and entertaining talk in this schoolhouse in the near future. It was also decided to have a clean-up day on the school grounds April 7. The men are supposed to bring teams, wagons and the women with full baskets of eats.
  • Jim Rock of Jacksonville passed through this place Tuesday en route to Steamboat with a load of supplies, where he has been working in his placer mine.
  • Milo Agee came out from Steamboat Friday by team, the first time he has been out with a team since last fall. He has gone to Grants Pass after a load of supplies.