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Mail Tribune 100

April 3, 1916


Style show with living models, screen stars in drama and comedy and F. H. Anderson in organ interpretations for good measure is the bill of the Page theater starting today. Alohe Oe is a Triangle Ince production and from a dramatic and scenic viewpoint, is positively the best Triangle the Page has shown. Mr. Ince's ability for staging difficult scenes in an artistic manner is demonstrated in Alohe Oe which has for its spectacular features a shipwreck and a volcanic eruption. The storm and ship wreck, especially, are wonderfully done and realistic.

Willard Mack, who is well and favorably known for his acting and authorship of Kick In and So Much for So Much, will gain new laurels in his appearance at the Page today in Alohe Oe, a story of a white man's regeneration through the love of a beautiful Polynesian Princess (Enid Markey).

And for those who love a laugh there is the Triangle Keystone, "The Village Scandal," a merry riot with Raymond Hitchcock, Roscoe Arbuckle, Flora Zabille and Al St. John as chief rioters.


Major McAlexander of the Oregon Agricultural college at Corvallis will arrive in Medford in the morning and at 9 o'clock will address the high school students, and as many of the people of Medford as would be interested, on the subject "Preparedness on the Pacific coast." Major McAlexander has been delivering this lecture at various places on the Pacific coast which he has visited lately, and has aroused profound interest in the subject he eloquently discusses.

This address will be given at the high school auditorium at 9 o'clock and Superintendent Hillis says arrangements will be made to accommodate as many citizens as care to hear the lecture.


Roy L. Maul and family were also with us Thursday. Mr. Maul is one of the candidates who is aspiring for the nomination for the office of county treasurer, were also at the S. S. for dinner Thursday. Carl Von der Hellen also was with us at the same time.