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Mail Tribune 100

April 11, 1916


It was a million dollar shower that gave us an inch and a quarter of rainfall since it began Sunday night. The weather bureau reports fair conditions today and tomorrow, with a light frost Wednesday morning. The exact measurement of precipitation since the shower began is 1.24 inches.

Conditions on the farms and in the orchards of the valley were favorable and "in a receptive mood," which the rain began. Generally, it could not have come at a better time during the month of April. On many of the smaller ranches the work of seeding had been completed, but not matter what the stage of work afield, no one is heard to complain because operations were compelled to cease for a day on account of the rain.

The rainfall was gradual and the temperature warm. At no time was there a downpour. The crops will receive the benefit of the entire precipitation.

The condition of the orchards and farms is excellent. Never was springtime promise better for bumper crops. Notwithstanding the possibility of drought losses on account of water shortage, in crops that require a long season of growth, the old farmers express the belief that crops which mature early will escape injury from that cause.

The hunch of the pioneers this year still passes at par.


This evening will be "Allaway Night" at the Baptist church. Mr. and Mrs. Allaway will soon leave for their former home in Washington. Mr. Allaway has been industriously dutiful and an efficient and proficient teacher in the Sunday school of that church for many years. His chick-talks were of especial interest and always delightfully instructive to the pupils. It is said that he has no equal in that line of instruction on the coast. The school will miss him very appreciably. Tonight its membership of the church will show Mr. Allaway their appreciation of his excellent work.