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Mail Tribune 100

April 12, 1916


The interstate commerce commission has declared a rate of 30 cents a hundred on the Mococo, California, fertilizer to Medford and other points in this valley. This fertilizer is a decomposed rock formation and closely resembles the immense deposit of decomposed rock in the Blue Ledge mining district, of which there are hundreds of thousands of tons in sight.

A similar formation is found in the mountains of southern California. It has been used as an excellent fertilizer and soil stimulant in Los Angeles county and surrounding territories for years. It contains a less content of sulphur and lime than that of this district and is less accessible than the great deposit of the Blue Ledge district. The latter is only thirty-five miles distant — and yet the farmers of this valley, by reason of lack of transportation facilities to enable them to use the local product, are compelled to ship in their supply a distance of nearly or quite a thousand miles at a freight expense of $6 a ton. Even at that cost they get a less valuable fertilizer, for which they send their money away from the valley. In the Blue Ledge case they would keep the money in local circulation. 

Another feature of loss in having to ship the fertilizer from a distant point is found in the fact that the farmers frequently neglect to use the soil remedy on account of the inconvenience, delay and wastage in having to bring it such a distance.


  • Exterior appearance of the Hotel Oregon has been much enhanced in addition to other improvements by removal of the unsightly smokestacks from its dozen or more tall chimneys. This opportune change removes the foundry appearance from a structure which was evidently meant in the original specifications to take on the architectural effects of the typical Swiss chateau nestling amid the Alps.
  • Rogers & Saunders, of the Valley barbershop on East Main street's midway plaisance, have just installed three brand new chairs of the Koken pattern. These make their equipment complete.