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Mail Tribune 100

April 26, 1916


The city council and other city officiants, the board of directors of the Commercial club, a delegation from the Jackson County Business Men's association, the original committee of the California and Oregon Development association and local newspaper men will gather at the Southern Oregon Traction company's station in this city at 9 o'clock Sunday morning as the guests of President S. S. Bullis of the company, and enjoy a ride to the terminus of the traction company's line beyond Jacksonville. The party will go on foot to the summit of the Jacksonville hill, on the proposed line of the Bullis Blue Ledge extension, and obtain a view of the route of the project toward the mining center.

This party will be one of a number composed of those who desire to obtain, absorb and employ information as to the project over which there is now much discussion in Medford. If there be a citizen whose tendency is to criticize progressive movements because they are progressive, as some men do in some communities, he should avail himself of this opportunity to acquire intelligent information on which he can base a fair judgment.


Certain jitney drivers who have been under the surveillance of city and county authorities will be asked to join the latter in an investigation of the purposes of carrying girls in this city and surrounding communities around in their jitney autos free of charge, "just for the ride." The girls will be asked to explain why they are so ready to enjoy these free rides about the byways and highways.

"These peculiar sideplays have become so frequent and prominent lately," said an officer today, "as to attract special attention from mothers and others. The authorities have been asked to make an investigation. That is now in progress. It is a very questionable past time for the girls and a dangerous practice for the jitney drivers. The state law relative to contributing to the delinquency of girls under age is very drastic. It is hoped it will not have to be applied by the courts in order to stop the practice, but its application is certain to follow the continuance of this peculiar form of joy-riding."