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Mail Tribune 100

April 28, 1916


The Seventh company has contracted the Bauscher United Shows company to bring their entire organization to Medford for one week, beginning Monday, May 1, and put on daily performances under the auspices of the company. This concern is the largest carnival organization on the road, seldom stopping in cities of the population of Medford. The entire space between Sixth and Main streets, fronting on Fir street, has been secured for the many large tents required to put on the show, Ferris wheel, merry-go-round and other amusement devices. The carnival carries a large concert band which will give daily programs on the streets.

The Seventh company will turn out in full strength Monday evening at 7 o'clock for a street parade, preceding the first performance, after which the members of the company will be assigned to the various large tents, of which the Shows company carries six, and take tickets at the doors and at the Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, etc. Many sightseeing parties are being arranged among the young people to see the sights of the carnival, and the militia boys are looking forward to a big, gala week. Large crowds are expected from the neighboring towns and suburban districts to take in the show, and some of the merchants are taking advantage of the occasion by putting on special sales and attractive bargains.


Mrs. Jean Lowrie, of Centralia, Wash., who has been looking over the Rogue river valley with a view to determining the question of change of home location, will return to Centralia tonight. She says she found plenty of property for sale at prices that suggest the certainty of a railroad to the mines, the establishment of big canneries, the installation of an adequate irrigation system and other enterprises, but she will recommend to her husband that they wait till the people concerned have taken action on these matters. Unless it be favorable, they will not desire to buy, as the prosperity of the valley depends on the establishment of those enterprises.