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Mail Tribune 100

May 6, 1916


"Made in Medford" is the label which should be printed in bold letters on the large election envelopes to be sent out with supplies to the various election judges of Jackson county for the primary election this month by the county clerk. 

In former years these have been purchased from Portland houses, printed at a cost of $3.10 per set of twenty-one envelopes. It takes 550 envelopes to supply the needs of the various election precincts in this county this election. The envelopes this time are being manufactured by the Medford Printing company, keeping the money except that needed for the blank paper, at home to be spent with home merchants. In past years this money has gone to help swell the payrolls of Portland firms, and none of it has ever returned to help make a greater and more prosperous county. But they are being made right here at home with home labor for less money than they could be bought for in Portland.

These envelopes will not be printed, but will have the instructions written on typewritten sheets and pasted on the envelopes.


  • The Community club meeting, held April 29, was a pronounced success. In addition to the program rendered by members of the club, the Lewis girls, Edith, Beatrice and Edna, of Persist, favored us with several songs and musical selections. We were also favored by the Flounce Rock quartet, composed of Mrs. Peelor, Mrs. Blanchard, Mr. Peelor and Mr. Blanchard. Jim Grieve gave us a couple of songs and didn't do any worse than usual. Refreshments were served under the supervision of Mrs. Grieve and everybody made a high score.
  • J. C. Embry is working frantically during every spare moment to get his car in shape to take advantage of the present good weather. Jim has spent a lot of time and money on his car during the winter and he expects to burn up the roads with the best of them this summer.