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Mail Tribune 100

May 8, 1916


The first band concert under the direction of Bandmaster Reginald G. Rowland, given yesterday afternoon in the city park, proved to be a marked success in every way.

As previously announced, this first concert was devoted to the celebration of the Shakespeare tercentennial anniversary, in line with similar musical observances of the occasion in other cities throughout the country, and as a part of the program of events arranged for the commemoration of this anniversary in Medford by the chairman of the Shakespeare celebration committee of the Drama League center.

A very large crowd enjoyed the music and many flattering comments were heard on the remarkably good work accomplished in so short a time by Mr. Rowland. The program was a pleasing one, appealing to the general taste.

Yesterday's good work not only delighted the people who heard it, but gave assurance of the pleasure to be looked forward to from these concerts through the summer.

The efforts of the Greater Medford club and the business men's committee are fully recognized and appreciated by the public generally, and Bandmaster Rowland feels very greatly encouraged by the support they have given to his work.

The Shakespeare celebration committee feels very much gratified by this generous and enjoyable response of the new city band to its invitation.


Many ranchers from the Sams Valley district were in Medford Monday, that being the day that the options terminated on their ranches. We understand the company did not meet their payments, but surrendered the contracts when ranchers demanded them, claiming, however, that they were still working on the deal and expected to be able to put it through in the near future. If this deal goes or does not go will not now affect the crop for this season, and as a result of these options there will be a great shortage in grain crops on this side of the river.