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Mail Tribune 100

May 12, 1916


The opening baseball game of the season in Medford will be played on the Medford grounds Sunday between the Hornbrook team and the local nine. The grounds have been put in excellent condition for the game, the boys have new suits and an exciting contest is promised. The Medford band will be engaged, if possible, to furnish music for the occasion, as also for the games during the entire season, if agreeable arrangements can be effected.

The local team is in good trim for the first contest. The Hornbrook boys are said to be in fine fettle and promise the local athletes a sprint for their money. They are said to be a stalwart of diamond strategists and are coming to show the valley boys a point or two in the great national sport.

Prospect for a game with the California lads has caused the local boys to harden themselves for a stiff game. It will probably be the most exciting first game ever played here.

The valley fans promise a "big house" for the opener.


It is absolutely necessary to the good order of departure from this city by the Blue Ledge excursionists Sunday morning that Secretary Latte know the number of cars that will go and the number of passengers each can carry. Several available cars have not been reported. It will be regarded as a special favor if these cars are reported today or tomorrow early so inquiries for passenger accommodations can be answered intelligently. Those going should remember to take along their sandwiches, cups and spoons. The coffee, sugar, cream and baked beans will be supplied. T. Henry Callaghan's camp at the St. Albans mine will supply the beans hot from the oven for the crowd. Judge TouVelle will have the road cleaned up from here to Allene, at the base of the last climb, where the cars will be parked and from which the excursionists will walk less than a mile to the Blue Ledge camp. It will be fair driving all the way.

Report the cars as early as possible and everything will be in shipshape for a 5:30 start Sunday morning for the Commercial club.