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Mail Tribune 100

May 16, 1916


The Medford Printing company has just turned over to the county clerk approximately 39,000 official and sample primary ballots.

The paper for this number of ballots weighed 1,000 pounds, costing more than $100. There were three distinct sets of ballots for each voting precinct in the county, necessitating changing the type form 120 times for each party for precinct names alone, or 360 changes. In many of them the justice and committeemen were also changed. In addition to these changes, where there were five or more candidates for an office, their names had to be rotated on the ballots so each would appear in top position on an equal number of ballots. The official ballots all had to be numbered twice, once on the judge's stub and once on the clerk's stub.

Besides these changes, the margins on each 100 ballots had to be moved so that it was different from the preceding. All in all, there were nearly 700 changes necessary for the completion of the ballots ready for the voters.

All official ballots for each precinct were wrapped and sealed in a package to themselves and the sample ballots in another package and likewise sealed. Then they were delivered to the county clerk for distribution to the sheriff, and he in turn delivered them to the various judges of election.

The first ballots were printed last Wednesday shortly before noon. By working early and late the last of this order was delivered to the county clerk today. Only the superior equipment of the Medford Printing company enabled the delivery of these ballots in time for use without possibility of any of them being delivered late for the election on Friday.


Randolph Peck of Lake creek motored into town Thursday morning, transacted his business and was on his way home by the time some of our citizens were out of bed. He gets up and moves while others sleep. It is the reason why he can run an auto.