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Mail Tribune 100

May 18, 1916


The Mail Tribune has taken little interest in the primary election, as no vital issue has been involved, and it is merely a choice of personality. The candidates all promise the same before election, and upon personality depends performance.

The people of Oregon do not like a machine government. Because of machine dictation, they smashed the republican machine and elected a democrat governor. The effort now being made to rebuild the republican machine is therefore of interest to all the people. It is the only state issue.

The efforts of the G. O. P. machine are centered upon the defeat of Ben W. Olcott as secretary of state and the election of the reactionary secretary of the state organization, an important machine cog, in his place. The only charge against Mr. Olcott is that he has refused to obey the mandates of the governor when they were against his best judgment. For this independence, the entire energies of the machine, the state officials, the party reactionaries and the partisan press are centered. It is the man vs. the machine.

Even his worst enemies admit that Mr. Olcott is the most efficient secretary of state in the commonwealth's history. In every way he has made good. His business judgment is excellent, his office is systematized and up-to-date, and on the board of control he has voted as his conscience dictates. This, and the fact that he belongs to the progressive wing of the party, constitute his offense. Mr. Olcott, in brief, has refused to make room for the hungry hangers-on of politics and insisted upon employees tending to work instead of playing politics.

Are the republicans of Oregon ready for a return to machine government? If they are not, they will vote for Olcott. Machine government means another democratic governor.


A large crowd attended the baccalaureate services here Sunday evening. Rev. Harry Tucker of Medford made an eloquent appeal and address to the graduating class, which set them to thinking strongly along the right lines of thought. Mr. Tucker's address was much enjoyed by all present and was considered a masterly production in every way.