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Mail Tribune 100

May 19, 1916


Though the weather conditions were ideal, and the candidates all made a spirited campaign for weeks, General Apathy rules the primary election today. Up to noon less than a fourth of the registered vote had been cast. In the North Main precinct, at 1 o'clock, 37 votes had been cast, 11 democrats and 26 republicans. On the East side at the same time 10 votes had been cast. The vote is slow and in precincts in this city the casting was running all morning about seven votes to the hour. In the country districts, more life is being shown. The small vote will overthrow all political forecasts and is likely to land some unexpected dark horse on the job.

Of all the votes cast this morning very few were by women. It is expected, however, that they will come out in full this afternoon and bring the vote up. What little interest there was in the various races Thursday died overnight. Unless there is an unprecedented outpouring of citizens in closing hours, the election will go down as the most lethargic in the history of the county. A slow vote is reported all over the county.


  • The commencement exercises of the Gold Hill high school Wednesday evening were witnessed by a large and appreciative audience. Excellent music was rendered, both vocal and instrumental, and the choruses did much credit to their instructress, Miss Ethel Davis. The address of the evening was well worth mentioning, being by Professor G. A. Briscoe, and delivered in his genial, offhand manner so pleasing to his many friends in this community. The following is the list of graduates: Betsy Hodges, William Foley, J. Horton Beeman. Superintendent Milam closed with a few fitting remarks addressed to the graduates. Flowers were in profusion.
  • Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Comas theater, Professor W. L. Findley, state biologist, will give another of the interesting and instructive entertainments which the community always looks forward to with pleasure. He will be assisted by Estate Game Warden Shoemaker.