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Mail Tribune 100

May 20, 1916

Editor's note: There was no May 21, 1916, paper.


Chad Ridgely and Wallace Reid, the distinguished Lasky stars, who will appear together in "The Golden Chance" at the Star today, will be seen, according to Cecil B. De Mille, the Lasky director general, in the first real love story ever seen on the screen.

"The Golden Chance" has to do with the adventures of Mary Denby, the wife of the drunken, thieving Steve Denby, who is thrust by the society woman for whom she is working, to fill a vacancy at dinner, where a wealthy young bachelor falls head over heels in love with her and his affection is reciprocated; how the husband, in attempting to burglarize the house finds his wife and later attempts to blackmail the young bachelor, but is killed after a desperate fight.


  • Mrs. John Carkin entertained the Naomi Sunday school class of the Methodist church at her home on Park avenue Monday evening, in honor of seven of the young lady members who are graduates of the class of 1916 of the Medford high school. The evening was spent in social conversation and music, with a general discussion on colleges and college work. The rooms were prettily decorated with Golden Ophir roses. Dainty refreshments were served at the close of the evening by the hostess, assisted by Mrs. L. O. Davidson, former teacher of the graduates. The honored guests each received a pair of gold-handled embroidery scissors from the class. The girls in whose honor the party was given are as follows: The Misses Bernice Bulcom, Vera Roundtree, Abbie Andrews, Mildred Heine, Helen Lydiard, Mary Tinker and Wavia Dean.
  • Last Thursday afternoon Mesdames E. A. Woods, F. G. Swedenburg, Mary Johnson and C. H. Davenhill motored from Ashland to this city for the purpose of consulting Mrs. Ellen Andren in regard to the Scandinavian midsummer feast to be held in Ashland park on Saturday, June 24. All these ladies constitute the main committee who have full charge of the feast as a whole, and especially of the crowning of the May queen, which they plan on making one of the most enjoyable spectacles ever exhibited in southern Oregon.