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Mail Tribune 100

May 24, 1916


Bishop C. W. Nibley of the Mormon church has resigned as president of the Utah-Oregon Sugar company and rumor has it, there is trouble in the company following the recent visit of the underwriting bankers to the sugar factory site on account of its being located at Grants Pass and its being necessary to go from Oakland on the north to Ashland on the south to secure acreage. At the same time the Mormon sugar combine is reported under federal probe for alleged violation of the Sherman anti-trust law.

The Salt Lake Tribune of May 21, contains the following:

"C. W. Nibley, presiding bishop of the Mormon church, yesterday announced his intention of retiring as president of the Utah-Oregon Sugar company, a concern composed chiefly of Utah capitalists. His resignation is to be presented to the board of directors at its next meeting and is to become effective June 1.

"Mr. Nibley will retain interests in the company, but on account of so many other affairs to care for he asserts that he has not the time to serve as the head of the Utah-Oregon company. His successor has not been announced."


ASHLAND, May 24 — Parties have launched a local recall, in addition to the general one directed against the county court. The papers are aimed toward Bert Greer, personally, instead of the springs commission as a body. The preamble deals with circumstances which mainly have become ancient history, reviewing the letting of a $100,000 contract and the printing of 50,000 booklets without first soliciting competitive bids. It is generally understood that H. G. Enders is back of the movement. The conservatively inclined deem the undertaking a late and ill-advised one, coming at a time when the major work of the commission is well nigh closed up, and they are of the opinion the action will only further complicate matters which have already passed the acute stage. On the other hand, those favoring the recall argue that the proceedings better be late than never, and assert plenty of signatures are available. The papers are addressed to the city recorder, and three or four petitions are being circulated. Greer is ignoring the entire matter with apparent unconcern.