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Mail Tribune 100

May 25, 1916


Superintendent of Schools Hillis reported to the school board last night that the following teachers had asked for a year's leave of absence to study and recommended that their request be granted: Miss Purucker to Los Angeles normal school; Miss Robinson to Monmouth; Miss Carpenter to teach in normal school in Porto Rico.

The majority of the teachers expect to resume their work in some higher institution of learning during the summer.

Miss Devore and Miss Haskins will attend the Primary Institute at Portland this summer.

Miss Pearce will attend the Capitol normal at Salem; Principal P. H. Daily and Mrs. Daily will enter the University of Oregon; Miss Cox will attend the Normal university in Illinois; Principal A. J. Hanby will visit relatives and take the summer course in school administration in the University of Kansas; Miss Harding, University of Oregon; Miss Riley, Miss Stine, Miss Kentner and Mrs. Harbin will enter University of California. Miss Dunham and Mrs. Philbrook will go to the State Normal at San Diego, Calif. Miss Smith, Mr. Gressly to University of Oregon. Miss Booth and Miss Hanson to O. A. C. Mr. Tschanz will enter the University of California for a full year's work. Mr. Wetteland has earned a scholarship at University of Washington and will spend the year there. Miss Akins will visit in Missouri and will probably take some advanced work in University of Missouri. Principal F. G. Moore will enter an eastern school for the study of law.

Superintendent Hillis has been engaged as instructor for the summer in the State Normal school in Idaho.

The rest of the teachers will either remain in Medford for the summer or spend their vacation visiting.


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