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Mail Tribune 100

June 1, 1916


Petty sneak thieves Wednesday night entered the Golden Rule Store and the California-Oregon Power company office, securing 10 cents in pennies and a suit of clothes valued at $25 for their nefarious efforts. An attempt was also made to enter the Jackson County Supply company on Grape street by taking the front door off the hinges, but the job was left unfinished.

An invitation was extended to the burglar to enter the Golden Rule Store. The back window has been broken for some time, and all that was necessary was to stick a hand through the hole and spring the latch, and lift the window. To date a suit of clothes and a pair of khaki pants are among the missing.

The entrance to the California-Oregon Power company was also made by the back door route. The cash register was jimmied with a screw driver and 10 cents secured. The visitor left no clues and the police think it was the work of boys or tramps.


  • The zone safety lines drawn at street crossings on the trolley line are completed, in accordance with the city ordinance recently passed. Motorists are not allowed to pass within the lines when passengers are embarking or disembarking, and are supposed to stop until the car starts and the street cleared. Failure to observe this rule is liable to a fine. Already a number of motorists have ignored the lines and rules.
  • E. W. Sturdevant, city freight agent of the Southern Pacific at Buffalo, N. Y., A. A. Price, traveling freight and passenger agent at Baltimore, Henry Schneider, city ticket agent, and W. C. Harris, traveling freight and passenger agent, both of New York, were guests of A. S. Rosenbaum, of this city, Sunday. The party were driven over the Pacific highway. Each month the Southern Pacific sends eastern officials west, and western officials east, for a study of traffic conditions, so they will be more efficient towards the public.