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Mail Tribune 100

June 6, 1916


Prohibition and the consequent aridity, which, like the German warships, is of a "low visibility," has brought to Medford and Jackson county an unincorporated organization, working as silently as the engine of $9,000 auto, and with the deadly accuracy of a machine gun. The organization constitutes the main line of communication between Hornbrook and the hip pocket, and is three times as fast in delivery as the ordinary common carrier. They are the boys who bring across the dead line tabooed liquids to friends, thus throwing out a lifeline.

It is becoming quite a custom in Medford among those who have not the time or the gasoline to go to northern California, to have some of those, who are on the jump, most of the time between the desert and the oasis, to bring back a bottle of this or that or the other thing. No friend would deny a friend so small a favor. Thus the stay-at-home gets his potions without the task of writing and waiting and calling at the express office, and also exudes with considerable grace around that portion of the dry law restricting him to a stated number of quarts of snakebite per month. The gadder receives the exhilaration of his own imbibing and the satisfaction of helping out a thirsty native. It is estimated that in the neighborhood of a barrel of booze oozes into Jackson county between every sun up and sunset upon the wheels of friendship.

There is no way to stop the practice which is assuming heft daily, except to declare a state of war and invoke "the right of search" along the border. Prohibition has sent the bartender back to the plow and the forge and counter, and in his place flourishes the life-saver.


Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Frazee left for Portland on the 5:07 train Wednesday evening, where Mr. Frazee has a good position awaiting him. They will be in Portland for the rose festival and will spend a few weeks with Mr. Frazee's brother and wife prior to establishing a residence of their own. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Frazee spent some time in the valley last summer.