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Mail Tribune 100

June 8, 1916


The city council will meet tonight and pass on the Weich Bros. sawmill proposition, the Bullis contract cannot be closed, but will be laid over for a few days.

S. S. Bullis has asked for an extension of time, so that he may get a contract for rails and secure the bonds, in order to meet the time limit set by the council. The committee meets today at 1:30 p.m. for the final draft of the contract. At an unofficial meeting of the council last evening the contract was ready and all point approved. A few changes in phraseology was needed to make it more definite. No objections are made to it and the council is ready to ratify it.

The sawmill proposition is not meeting with approval on the outside as it is believed that the size of the mill and the employees it will give employment to, is not sufficient to warrant such a bonus asked. They require $5000 and a suitable site, $2500 on delivery of machinery and the balance when they begin operation. It is predicted that the council will not accept the proposition as it is now presented.


  • Mrs. Purcell and daughter, Miss Houston, and son left the first of the week for Midland, Texas, where they will remain permanently. The Purcells have lived in our midst for two years and while here gained a number of staunch friends who strongly regret their departure.
  • E. Wheeler and Scott Claspill came up from Medford Thursday evening. They are removing some machinery from their mill here to one they are putting in there.
  • Mayor W. A. Cowley and family departed at sunrise Wednesday morning for Portland, where they will remain for a short time. Jack Cowley will join his parents at Corvallis during the trip up to Portland and then return home with them.
  • The men and women of our town and surrounding country all gathered at the cemetery on Decoration day. The men put a temporary fence around the cemetery and other much needed improvements. The ladies spread a lunch at noon for them.