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Mail Tribune 100

June 12, 1916


G. O. Elliott and L. R. Yeppsen, Mormon elders, who have been in this valley for a short time, express themselves favorably on the sugar beet activities.

"This valley," said Mr. Elliott, "is the only logical site for a sugar beet factory south of the Sutherlin valley. It has acreage enough to support one, and soil to grow the beets. Ten thousand acres, including Sams valley could be secured and would be ample enough to run a large factory.

"When the sugar beet company was formed Bishop Nibley allowed his name to be used to finance the company, as the others had no standing in the eastern markets, on condition that he not be required to give any actual time.

"The factory at Grants Pass is sure to be moved, probably north to Sutherlin or the Willamette valley. There is insufficient sugar beet land around Grants Pass for seventy miles except this valley. The Sutherlin proposition can support a small factory.

"Too much has been said regarding profits on sugar beets and not enough on growing. It means hard work but a fair profit.

"Some of the land accepted is not good for sugar beets and some signed whose owners do not intend to grow beets.

"A sugar beet factory runs only three months. It brings money not only to the employees but to the farmers.

"A factory in Medford is almost a certainty by 1917. It is logical. It is necessary."


Dr. Wymer of Harvard, Mass., purchased the E. H. Cunningham orchard near Talent for $15,000. The orchard is six years old, being set half to apples and half to pears. It contains forty-five acres. The place will be irrigated by the new Talent system. Dr. Wymer will practice medicine in Talent.

In speaking of his purchase he said: "I am satisfied that fruit growing is profitable, and I regard my purchase as an excellent one. The orchard shows it is one of the best in the valley. I spent time looking over orchards before purchasing. I like the climate and people and am glad to make southern Oregon my home."

The purchase was made through the Barnes Realty Co. on Saturday.