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Mail Tribune 100

June 13, 1916


A new amusement program and a new policy for one day a week, will be offered Medford theater goers. The Page theater management feels it is about to score a triumph, in giving the public the very thing it has been seeking for a long time, a combination of the best features of vaudeville and the screen stage at a very low admission price. Tuesday's bill will consist of four deluxe vaudeville acts and six reels of high class first-run film pictures. Variety with a big V characterizes the bill today. There's the Three Westons in a beautiful, artistic and daring posing sensation. Bert Devoe & Co. in a comedy sketch titled "The Wife," which is a slambang, hammer and tong farce. Gene and Katherine King in a comedy and singing, and Jerome and Lewis in a singing surprise. This would seem enough for hippodrome prices, but there is the celebrated Ethel Barrymore in the astonishing Metro wonderplay, "The Kiss of Hate."


  • Tomorrow evening the 7th company will hold an inspection drill for Lieut. Shippan, who has charge of the Oregon National Guard. The local company is drilling three times a week. On Saturday they have rifle practice. Tuesday evening Sergt. Hill instructs the recruits and Wednesday evening the company has maneuvers and plotting room drills. They have installed a device that carries a lighted candle to the observers with their instruments can track the target and its course plotted. The company can track, locate, plot and predict the location of a ship in a given time in 20 seconds, allowing for time of flight for shell, windage and atmospheric conditions. This is considered rapid time.
  • There will be no more changing names of streets in this city unless the changee desires to put up a bond to cover the costs. The changing of Roosevelt avenue to Crater Lake avenue cost the city $6.50. It was very painful to some members of the street committee.