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Mail Tribune 100

June 17, 1916


The pall of smoke hanging over the valley is due to forest fires. A fire has been raging in the Evans creek section for some days. Several other blazes are reported in Josephine county. The largest fire is raging at Sisson, Cal., where 250 men and a Southern Pacific fire train had under control at 10 o'clock today a forest fire they had fought near there since 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Eighty-five line-supporting poles of the California-Oregon Power company over a burned strip three miles long were destroyed, throwing the towns of Dunsmuir and Castella into complete darkness last night.

The fire started in a canyon between the state highway and the railroad near Sisson. It devastated an area three miles long and a mile wide, destroying a second growth of forest trees. The Southern Pacific fire train saved the big trestle in the path of the flames and aided in preventing further destruction of the power company's poles.

A large box factory south of Sisson was saved by back-firing.


Sunday afternoon at 2 o' clock there will be a fast program at the racing matinee at the fair grounds. There will be a matched race between Wade Hampton, owned by Jimmy Bowers of Ashland, and Bessie Mills, owned by Dick Turpin of this city. The race will be at catch weights for a side bet of $250. Wade Hampton has broken the record for three-eights and one-half mile dashes. He has never been beaten in a quarter-mile race.

Bessie Mills has been uncovering a great deal of speed the past few months and the local enthusiasts believe she will lower the colors of the famous Wade Hampton.

As an added attraction, Buffalo Vernon, the world's champion bull-dogger, will give an exhibition at the race course. Vernon is the star attraction at the Pendleton roundup and will appear at the Rogue river roundup held at Ashland.

There will be a number of other running races. That between Reno Girl, owned by Cranch of Ashland, and Mighty, owned by J. Arent of Klamath Falls, is causing considerable talk.