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Mail Tribune 100

June 22, 1916


The Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teachers association of Southern Oregon will open a bureau of education at the public library in Medford Tuesday, June 27. By permission of the library board a room is being furnished in the basement for this purpose.

Southern Oregon has the honor of being second in this great movement, Portland already having a bureau.

The aims of this bureau is to protect motherhood, childhood and home. While the question of preparedness is being discussed, let us turn our attention to our homes and parenthood, and prepare for strong womanhood and manhood, by discussing problems that confront the parent of today.

There will be an informal program prepared for the afternoon, beginning at 2 o'clock. Mothers are invited to come, bring their babies, and have them registered if they desire. Every convenience will be there for the mothers, couches, rocking chairs, etc. Refreshments will be served.

Remember this bureau of information is for the benefit of all Southern Oregon. Literature will be given free.


  • Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Taber and three children passed through here last Saturday evening on their way to Ashland. They had been up on the Rogue river visiting their relatives, the Bittson's, and intended to stop at Ashland and visit Mrs. Taber's parents, then proceed to their home in Chico, Cal. Mrs. Taber used to live in Ashland before they went to Chico.
  • Emery Davis of Tolo spent the night with us and Sunday morning went to Hornbrook to pitch the ball for the Eagle Point team in their game with the Hornbrook team. They had quite a spirited contest, as the game stood 4 to 4 at the end of the twelfth inning.
  • There were three men came in from Portland and pitched their tent, opening a photo gallery Monday morning, and gave their names as M. Lotoff, L. Nekleoff and H. Baku, but they do not seem to be doing much business.